• Empathy

    Empathy is the Beating Heart of Innovation

    Why Empathy?

    What is empathy? And why is it so important? This is a question that should be asked, and it certainly deserves a thoughtful answer.

    During my research and practice, I have seen many executives and entrepreneurs who were not necessarily sick; they simply lacked empathy. Having no empathy directly impacted their relationships with customers, peers, and often, their relationships with family or significant others.

    Empathy coaching is a highly specialized focus that helps high-performing individuals develop a higher capacity for empathy. As a result, my clients gain critical insight into their own persona, driving improvements in both business and personal relationships. In the workplace, this newfound empathy improves communication, strengthens teams, and fosters a healthy and enduring workplace culture.

    Empathy is considered a soft skill in business schools. However, it is an attribute that invariably translates to success. It is easily the most underrated resource that business leaders have. With an empathetic approach, business improves, communities are more resilient, and the world, in general, becomes a better place to live.

    What Is Empathy?

    Empathy, by definition, is the ability to see and understand things from another’s perspective. Sometimes, we refer to it as being able to sense other people’s emotions or to imagine what that person might be thinking or feeling.

    Why Empathy Is Important in Business

    Few men in leadership positions show empathy for fear of being viewed as weak. As a culture, we do not allow men to express their feelings or show empathy. We fail to understand that empathy is essential to any healthy relationship, professional or otherwise.

    Some of the benefits of empathy coaching for executives include:

    • Improved communication
    • Stronger connections to others
    • More satisfying interpersonal relationships
    • Personal authenticity
    • Conflict mitigation
    • Improved capacity to problem-solve
    • Business agility
    • Stronger, healthier, more resilient corporate culture

    I understand the psychological aspects of how empathy works, both within the individual and in their relationships, and I am highly motivated to help.

    A Caveat: Coaching vs. Therapy

    I think it is important to cast the difference between coaching and therapy. What I offer here is business coaching with an emphasis on developing and strengthening empathy. Although my background in psychology provides much of the basis for my coaching practice, what I am offering here is not therapy.

    To dive a little deeper, therapy focuses on mental health and working on aspects of character that present barriers to living a fulfilled and happy life. Coaching, on the other hand, is about setting goals and developing strategies for achieving them.

    You might see a coach when you want to accelerate your career, recognize and eliminate unwanted habits, and exchange them for different ways of thinking and doing.

    Coaches often have specialties that they work within. My coaching practice is very specific: I help executives and entrepreneurs develop and strengthen their empathetic skills. I combine my coaching experience with in-depth knowledge of global business concerns, so you can be confident that I understand both your practical concerns and can also see opportunities for personal and professional growth.

    If I feel that therapy is indicated, I will provide the appropriate referrals. Keeping these two modalities separate allows us to focus more precisely on your needs and goals.

    To learn more about my psychotherapy services, please click here: Psychotherapy Services