• Conscious Capitalism

    Developing the Human Side of Business

    Conscious Capitalism is rooted in the concept that businesses can be profitable and do good at the same time.

    We are all human, after all. Intrinsically, we do not differ from each other very much. We value connection, and we seek understanding. We want others to see what we see and to find worth in our efforts. Our differences stem from how we view the world, ourselves, and how we treat each other. It would seem, in business especially, that this focus is more one-sided. However, no matter what type of business we are engaged in, we still have to liaise, communicate, and work with others.

    The building blocks of organizations are people and relationships. When these foundations are strong, success is easier to achieve in the short-term and sustainable over the long-term. The human element, that is, the people involved, are a corporation’s biggest assets, but we often take this for granted. Once business leaders realize how meaningful and critical these relationships are, a basis is established that allows human beings to thrive.