• About the Author

    A Passion For Blending Psychology And Business

    About Dr. Glen F. Pastores

    I am an Organization Development Consultant and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

    I have always had a keen interest in blending psychology and business as it aligns with my fascination of how human interactions impact operations within and around organizational systems. My curiosity led me to conduct intensive research in the area of Conscious Capitalism and Conscious Business Practices, resulting in my first published book, “Capitalism on the Couch: Does Our System Need Therapy?”

    The book, slated for publication in the first quarter of 2021, further inspired me to create my “On The Couch” book series, which puts anything and everything on the couch for assessment and discussion. The focus of this exercise is that, when we better understand things or aspects of our personalities, we gain power over them.

    The enduring theme in all my writings and research is that of empathy. In a business context, this is an area not often approached because it is a primarily a male-dominated demographic. It is still considered taboo for men not to show emotion or empathize; therefore, some men do not freely address these issues. The unfortunate but all-too-common result is toxic workplace environments, employee attrition, disengagement, and often a disconnect with coworkers and customers.

    My coaching practice is devoted to helping male executives and entrepreneurs increase their capacity to empathize, accept their emotions, and express and show empathy. As a concept within the whole, empathy is often the missing piece of the puzzle.

    I look forward to learning more about how I can help you and support your organization’s continued success.